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Leonard A. Savala III, Ph.D., is a Grand Rapids, Michigan native and first generation college student who has worked in higher education for over 20 years. He holds both a bachelor and master in science degree from Michigan State University. He has worked in within nonprofit and higher education at two research  universities within diversity and inclusion creating programs to help promote student success, engagement, graduation, retention and developed study abroad programs .

He completed his doctorate in Higher Education from Western Michigan University in 2014 where he researched the experiences of minority executives working in higher education. He has collaborated with a number of organizations and community groups. 


I'm a father, a son, a brother, a leader, a connector, a motivator, an advocate, a cancer fighter, an entrepreneur and a story teller!

Leonard Savala


Advocate, Educator, Motivator

I work with clients, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look below at the services I offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

Laptop & Coffee


The face of higher education is changing and will you in the best position to recruit and retain students at your university, school or college. Recruiting a diverse group of individuals is often a challenge for many universities, colleges and businesses. The demographics in higher education and in business are changing and the current methods of recruiting will soon be outdated, if they aren’t already. Let’s work to build a system to ensure you are ahead of the change. I’ll work with you to develop several practices you can implement to begin to recruit and sustain your enrollment numbers.

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As a first-generation college student who attended a community college I understand the challenges students encounter as they matriculate and engage in campus life. It’s important to note that strategies and approaches differ depending on where your institution is located as well as between community colleges and universities. Retaining students often takes a network of departments, units, faculty and staff. I have developed several initiatives to support student retention. These programs have been effective at retaining marginalized and first generation college students. 

Audiovisual Conference


I have given talks on a host of topics to a variety of audiences. My topics include diversity, inclusion, social justice, mentoring, college success, beating the odds, finding your true passion, etc. One special talk that I have given is about beating cancer. I am Cancer Fighter not a cancer survivor. I will discuss my battle with cancer from early diagnoses, treatment, remission while also growing up in a single parent household. I shares my struggle with pulling my life back together after the diagnoses in my late teenage years. This story is one of overcoming the odds in the face of tremendous adversity. I talk about having to reconsider what was next in life after my dream of playing college football was taken away. I share how it’s my goal now to pay back all of the money I received through the Make A Wish foundation. This talk has been given at variety of venues and groups from graduation keynote, clubs and organizations.

A Tower of Stones


As cancer fighter who has been in remission for over 25+ years I am an advocate for those fighting the disease.  I am challenging how cancer fighters are supported in all areas of their lives. I believes employers should offer additional support for those diagnosed or in remission. I believes that State and Federal laws should be changed to reflect the needs of cancer fighters. I often mentions how society expects cancer fighters to return to work right after treatment or a major surgery as if nothing ever happened. Asking a single parent who just had a tumor removed, received radiation and chemotherapy to simply move on with their life is asking a great deal. Individuals diagnosed with cancer and those in remission should be afforded more time sick time, vacation and other support. In additional, I am an advocate of parental rights especially those who manage to live with cancer daily while trying to be a parent.

Plants on the Window


I can help you navigate your career trajectory in higher education or other fields. I have conducted research on the experiences of leaders in higher education looking at their background, experience and how they were able to lead in a variety of executive roles in higher education. The combination of my research and experience can assist you in making the best choices for your career and future. Are you feeling isolated and unsupported? Have you been passed over for promotion?  Do you feel stuck in your current role? Let’s talk about your options.  

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